How to grow (on) a building

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Part of Jerusalem Design Week, a team of designers 3D printed a wall made of seeded soil, which sprouted into a green façade. Two of the most common building materials, concrete and steel, are responsible ...

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Pallets made of waste coconut husks

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Amsterdam-based start-up CocoPallet developed a nestable pallet made of coconut husks, generally considered waste, that save up to 70% in shipping and storing space. Coconut trees can grow in almost any kind of soil, even ...

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An edible building material made of food waste

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Fabula, a spinoff company of the University of Tokyo, developed an edible building material up to 4 times the bending strength of concrete, made of food waste. Worldwide, industrial and household food waste amounts to ...

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A 3D printed haute couture dress made of cocoa beans

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Ice cream brand Magnum collaborated with sustainable fashion designer Iris van Herpen to create a vegan haute couture dress, 3D printed and made from cocoa beans. The dress was designed in a complex 3D design ...

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A 3D printed car that cleans the air while driving

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Students from Eindhoven University of Technology revealed their latest car, which is made using 3D printing technology, and which cleans the air while driving. Every two years, students from Eindhoven design a state of the ...

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Buried in cardboard

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Dutch company Fair Coffins offers coffins made of a cardboard-like material for a more sustainable burial. Most coffins are made of wood or wood products, which may sound sustainable, but is not necessarily the case. ...

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