Modular houses made of waste plastic

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Dutch housing association Parteon, foundation Clean2Anywhere and the municipality of Zaanstad will jointly produce twenty homes made from recycled plastic. The foundation Clean2Anywhere builds ships and houses from waste plastic. They built a 17th century ...

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A furniture collection made from biocomposite

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Austrian product designer Philipp Aduatz launched a new furniture collection made of a fibre-reinforced biocomposite. The aim of the project is to maximise the use of renewable materials, resulting in a composite material with a ...

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A modular trainer designed for disassembly

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Sportswear brand Camper released their Roku trainer, a shoe that consists of six parts and is designed to be easily assembled and disassembled. Roku means six in Japanese, referring to the interchangeable six parts of ...

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An invisibility shield made of recycled materials

Published 6 days ago by Sigrid | no responses

Two years after their first invisibility shield, UK-based Invisibility Shield Co. launched a 2.0 version of their product, now made of recycled and recyclable materials. The first shield, which you can read about here, was ...

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A wood beam lattice façade

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Dutch architectural practices DELVA and ZJA designed an event venue, which features a wood beam lattice façade and is located on new coastal reinforcement. Called SILT, the venue is located in Middelkerke, Belgium, and hosts ...

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The power of biobased building materials in renovations

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Researchers at ETH Zürich researched the most effective renovation strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and found that using biobased building materials like straw and hemp have a lot of potential. In Switzerland, about 2.8 ...

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