Lamp shades made of cabbage leaves

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Studio Nir Meiri, in collaboration with India based designer Vaidehi Thakkar, developed the Veggie Lights, a collection of lamp shades made from red cabbage. While the lights are designed by Nir Meiri, the cabbage material ...

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An installation made of scrap fabric

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Architectural firm Behin Ha designed a temporary installation made with scrap fabric material from a coated mesh fabric manufacturer. Coshocton Ray Trace, as the project is called, was located in Coshocton, Ohio in the US. ...

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Carbon nanotube coating is the new black

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MIT engineers developed a coating made from carbon nanotubes that makes for the blackest black, capturing at least 99.995 per cent of incoming light. In the global race to develop the ‘colourest colour’, black and ...

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Making medicine in artificial leaves with sunlight

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Researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands developed a mini-reactor that, similar to leaves in nature, absorbs sunlight and drives chemical reactions, which can used to produce medicine. The researchers is based on ...

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Vegan sneakers made from cannabis leaves

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German high-end sneaker brand Nat-2 presents vegan sneakers made with real cannabis leaves. After shoes made from stone, mycelium, milk, coffee, blood, and other remarkable materials, Nat-2 now used cannabis leaves for their sneakers. The ...

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Algae and hydrogel coated tiles to clean water

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An interdisciplinary at the Bio-Integrated Design Lab at the Barlett School of Architecture designed leaf-inspired clay tiles that clean water thanks to algae and a seaweed-based hydrogel. The small-scale manufacturing of textiles and jewellery produces ...

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