A rain jacket made of sunflowers

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Multidisciplinary designer Jess Redgrave developed a fibre for textiles, natural dyes and a hydrophobic coating made entirely of sunflowers. Most rain jackets are made of some sort of plastic material or are made waterproof with ...

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A façade material to harvest rain and cool buildings

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Called HydroSkin, this façade material concept harvests rainwater and uses evaporation to cool buildings. Extreme heat and heavy rainfall events with severe inundations have a significant impact on urban architecture, resulting in considerable personal injuries ...

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Timber hybrid building Netherlands BREEAM Outstanding

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The timber-hybrid residential tower HAUT on the Amstel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands has scored ‘Outstanding’ with 88% on the BREEAM-NL Delivery Certificate. The luxury residential building is a development of Lingotto, designed by Team V ...

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Sustainable structures made of 3D printed wood

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Mexico-based company MANUFACTURA and furniture and design workshop La Metropolitana created 3D printed objects made of wood. The project, called The Wood Project or Un Proyecto de Madera, aims to reduce the amount of sawdust ...

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Stronger concrete made with coffee grounds

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Researchers at RMIT in Australia found that concrete can be made up to 30% stringer by replacing part of the sand with spent coffee grounds. Worldwide, 54 million tonnes of spent coffee grounds are generated ...

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Lectures about Healthy Materials at ARCHITECT@WORK Amsterdam

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On Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 September 2023, ARCHITECT@WORK will take place at Taets on the Hembrugterrein in Zaanstad. It will be the first edition of the event in the Amsterdam metropolitan region. Around the ...

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