The first project using self-healing concrete in the Netherlands

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Construction company Heijmans Infra used self-healing concrete to build a pilot project, a railway underpass in Rijen, the Netherlands, for the first time. The pilot project is a collaboration between Heijmans and railway company ProRail, ...

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A computer made of wood

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US-based one-man atelier Mythic Computer launched its first publicly computer, the housing of which is made of hardwood. Called Apollo, the computer consists of three parts, a main body that holds the computer, a portable ...

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‘Living’ shoes made with microalgae ink

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New-York based designer Jessica Thies designed a speculative shoe concept made with biobased printing ink embedded with living microalgae. For her thesis, Thies looked at the possibility of culturing microalgae cells on textile for carbon-capturing, ...

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A metal 3D printed bicycle

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Design agency Futurewave designed a 3D printed bicycle made of metal, which eliminates the need for welding and tooling parts. Traditional bike manufacturing techniques have their downsides. Specific parts are made in moulds, and this ...

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A 3D printed ceiling made of cellulose

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For the restaurant CAAA by Pietro Catalano in Switzerland, design studio External Reference created a 3D printed ceiling made of wood cellulose and PLA, inspired by the Alps. The starting point of the design was ...

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Crayons made from Japanese trees

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Japanese design studio Playfool created crayons, naturally coloured using Japanese trees, which are now available for purchase. About two-thirds of Japan is covered completely with trees, 40 per cent of which was planted. To maintain ...

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