A building innovation pavilion

In Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a pavilion is being built in which various new and sustainable material innovations are combined as a pilot for a future-proof city.

Called Innovatie Pavilioen (Innovation Pavilion), the building aims to speed up the transition to a CO2 neutral and circular city. It features various innovations.

The façade on the south east side is fully demountable and biobased. It consists of a flexible prefab timber construction, lime and hemp insulation (EXIE), and sheet material made of agricultural waste and seaweed (respectively Rik Makes and BlueBlocks).

On the northwest side, the façade is nature-inclusive and biobased. The 3D façade panels are 360 degrees rotatable and contain holes to offer housing for insects and birds. They are made of biocomposite, made of sugar cane amongst other things (NPSP). The core of the façade consists of CNC milled timber parts, flax insulation and (recycled) wood fibre board.

The roof will be provided with a modular roof system that can transform a grey flat roof into a lightweight green roof with solar panels and other roof installations (such as heat pumps).

The pilot project, located on the Marineterrein, will run for one year in which all participating parties will answer their research questions and see how their materials fare.

Photo: Amsterdam