A hoodie made of recycled cotton textile waste

Evrnu, an advanced material innovation company developed a fibre made from cotton textile waste, which they used to make an oversized hoodie.

Evrnu’s technology, Nucycl, converts textile waste materials into ‘new’ engineered fibres, which is said can be recycled again and again. Their first product, Nucycl lyocell fibre, is made from cotton-rich waste from the manufacturing process and discarded consumer fashion items, and performs the same or even better than virgin cotton fibre.

To make the fibre, cotton textile waste is collected, sorted and shredded. The material is then liquified into a pulp, which is in turn extruded into a fibre. This fibre can be woven or knitted to make garments. This process can be used to recycle cotton indefinitely.

Now, Ervnu has created a limited-edition hoodie, designed by Christopher Bevans, using this material, called Bevans 360 Hoodie. Made of 55% Nucycle and 45% Supima cotton, the garment is made using 3D seamless technology to eliminate production waste and is fully recyclable at end-of-life. The design was inspired by the Japanese art of origami.

The hoodie is the first item in Evrnu’s Responsible Collection. Over time, the company plans to introduce new articles of clothing.

Photos: Evrnu