A smog-eating façade

Architectural agency Progetto CMR renovated a 15 year old building in Milan, using a ceramic surface material that cleans the air.

Called De Castillia 23, the building is covered with the eco-active ceramic surface material by Iris Ceramica Group, called Active Surfaces. The material is anti-pollution, anti-odour, self-cleaning, and eliminate up to 99% per cent of bacteria and viruses, even antibiotic-resistant ones. The oxidation process induced by photocatalysis destroys the bacteria that come into contact with the surface. The material works in any kind of light, natural or artificial. The presence of silver makes the ceramic antibacterial even in the dark. The façade can mitigate up to 59 kg of nitrogen oxide per year.

The renovation includes a prismatic façade with triangular shaped glass walls.

Photos: Alberto Strada