An anti-bacterial shirt made with upcycled milk

US start-up Mi Terro developed an anti-bacterial, odour-free and fast-drying T-shirt made with upcycled milk, which would otherwise be thrown away.

Milk fibres contain 20 amino acids that are beneficial to health. They have been found to be anti-bacteria;, anti-aging, to help blood regulation and body temperature. The milk the company used is waste milk that is for whatever reason not suitable for consumption.

The milk is fermented, skimmed to remove the fat and dewatered until only a powder remains. The powdered milk is dissolved and purified until only the protein casein, which can be used to make bioplastic, remains. Powdered casein is immersed in alkali to make a solution, which is then passed through a spinneret. The alkali is removed again before the resulting fibres are spun into yarn.

Compared to cotton, the material remains absorbent, soft and supple after repeated washes, and it retains its shape for longer.

For the T-shirts, the milk yarn is blended with micromodal, made from beech trees, and elastane for the stretch. The T-shirt is knit with a honeycomb structure, which lifts the fabric off the skin and provides extra multi-direction stretch.

The resulting T-shirt is, according to Mi Terro, odour-proof, anti-bacterial, UV-light blocking, breathable, quick-drying, lightweight, and anti-wrinkle.

Mi Terro produces its products in an above fair wage factory in China, and for each item they sell, they plant 10 trees.

The Limitless Milk Shirt is currently available on Kickstarter. They also offer men’s boxers made of the same material.

Photos: Mi Terro