Bioluminescent house plants

Plant science company Light Bio is working to create bioluminescent house plants by applying synthetic biology.

Bioluminescence is a natural occurring phenomenon. It can be seen in plankton and some other animals like fireflies and jellyfish and some fungi. However, it does not occur naturally in plants.

Light Bio uses bioluminescent genetic components of fungi to make bioluminescent plants. These components are inserted into the plants, which are naturally receptive to the bioluminescence.

When it’s light out, the plants look like ordinary plants and they do not require any special treatment. Though they glow all the time (unlike glow-in-the-dark) the luminescence is only visible without other light present.

Currently, Light Bio is preparing the release of its first commercial product, the Firefly Petunia. You can sign up for the waitlist.

You can find more on glowing plants here.

Photos: Light Bio