Casa VI: from ruin to residence

Not too long ago, Casa VI was nothing but a ruin, realised in bricks of concrete, but now the place has been transformed into a residence. It is located near Sondrio on the Orobic Alps at about 1000 meters of altitude. It had the most solar radiation and lighting in the living room and, at the same time, a view toward the bottom of the valley. The architects, EV+A Lab Atelier d’architettura, decided to use the construction techniques and materials used in the past.

The structure is made from reinforced concrete and bricks of concrete, with suitable thermal insulation, in order to obtain a good living comfort, and coating in local stone. The cover consists of lamellar beams in wood and painted in white color. Doors and windows are in lamellar larch brushed. The inside it is, for the most part, concentrated on the local craftsmanship, because the architects believe it is very important to represent history. They used materials as reinforced concrete, natural larch, iron and wood.

Photos: EV+A Lab Atelier d’architettura


  1. Ann Hodges says:

    can you post us a photo of the ruin?
    would be good to see where this is coming from.

  2. Sigrid says:

    Hi Ann,

    Unfortunately, such a picture doesn’t seem to be available.

    – Team Materia