Durable paper tiles

We’ve seen paper used in different interesting material innovations recently. Now, a Canadian company has released a novel use for recycled paper: hexagonal tiles for use as a wall covering.

The company, Dear Human, in on a continual mission to apply new techniques to materials. Wallpapering is a use for treated, reused paper. The tiles are created by using an air release die. This is a pressured casting machine that is similar to industrial presses for plastic, ceramics and some metals. This fast, hydraulic process compacts shredded paper into a hard, durable board.

This higher density board is far stronger than normal paper, but because the material remains, it is still possible to paint, print and draw on the resulting material.

The result is a colourful range of hexagonal tiles with a variety of styles, prints and so on. These can be used for tiling in areas that aren’t affected by moisture too much. In fact, the tiles can be made into other shapes too, because they are pressed in a mould. The designers have examples of cross-shaped tiles and even floral patterns, all from dry pressed paper.

Other qualities of the tiles are sound absorption, which is improved by the tiles’ increased density, and its hardness, which means that the tiles can be sawn into any desired shape. The tiles also add some relief to walls, as they are quite thick, at around 20 mm per tile.


Info and images are here. More on the tiles by Dear Human on their Pinterest page.