Eggmap: The Whole World in Your Hand?

Who has not been relying on a mobile map when the device’s battery runs out just when you need a map the most? Now, designer Dénes Sator has an innovative and battery-free alternative  –  a map in a ball shape that when squeezed, zooms into the area you want to see.

This durable map is actually an air-fill balloon with detailed printing that even allows you to see detailed street names and expand an area. The invention is called EggMap thanks to its form, which is similar that of an egg. Approximately the size of those stress-balls that can be found everywhere, Eggmap can be taken anywhere and is also waterproof.   

For now, only the city of Budapest is available in Eggmap format, but the designer says the project should be expanded to other cities soon. For now, it is possible to sign up to receive news when you start the pre-sale EggMap -you can follow Eggmap’s latest news directly on Facebook!