Lights made of conductive glass

For her project Ctenphora, French designer Lucie Le Guen explored the possibility of incorporating electrical circuits into glass, making the electrical wires part of the glass light aesthetic.

The project came into being during Le Guen’s art residency at the National School of Glass in France. The concept questions the relationship between craftsmanship and technology.

After several tests and with a team composed of glass makers, designers and LED lighting specialist, Le Guen developed a conductive glass material with integrated electrical wires. The metal wires are integrated during the glass blowing process and redefine the overall aesthetics of the lamps. The final design was inspired by bioluminescent marine organisms called Ctenophora.

Le Guen also explored glass fusing techniques with incorporated pieces of various kinds of metal and chemicals. The result is a wide palette of colours and effects.

Various techniques are used on the glass while it’s hot to further enhance the lighting effects. Each piece is one of a kind. The fixtures are lit by a LED.

Photos: Geoffrey Gatell


  1. Bradley Wilson says:

    The glass remains non-conductive, no? Beautiful pieces.