Orchids: Colour meets Biobased Inspiration

During Dutch Design Week 2015, Willemijn de Wit and Ulrike Jurklies (mo man tai) created an opulent visual experience with their ‘Orchids’ installation, which was realized in collaboration with VG Colours and Big Impact.

The stunning exhibition is influenced by an innovative way of treating orchids with colour, a technique that was introduced to the market in 2009. VG Colours is well-known for this unique technique and have specialized the technique further within the design field.

A new biobased wall covering called Gluetex Biovate also features in the exhibition. This wallpaper is personalized here by the mo man tai graphic by Ulrike Jurklies, who designed the vibrant orchid pattern for use with this new biobased wallpaper, as well as for application on a curtain textile within the exhibition.

In addition to being a fascinating display of new materials and techniques, the designers explain that the orchid installations shows the changing beauty of colour-influenced flowers as a symbol of mourning, “visualizing the overwhelming feeling that temporarily takes control of the whole body,” they explain.