4D printing: the next step

Published 10 years ago by | no responses

While designers and architects are gradually getting used to 3D printing, the next generation is already here. A team from the US and Singapore has developed 4D printing, to create 3D structures that change over ...

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Thomas Rau presents Turntoo at Material Xperience

Published 10 years ago by Jeroen | one response

What if we could completely change our perspective? In particular, if we looked at the consumption of resources in the world from a new angle? The radical approach developed by architect Thomas Rau will be ...

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Design spotlight: combinations

Published 10 years ago by Philip | no responses

Everything already exists: all we have to do is put it together in the right way, so goes an architecture school maxim. A great combination of material and design can work like magic: the result ...

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Sustainable stars at Materia exhibition Beijing

Published 10 years ago by Philip | no responses

Materia has landed in Beijing to present a special exhibition of building materials for the future. In collaboration with Architect@work, Materia has put together another pack show featuring the most innovative materials – specifically for ...

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Smart materials for architecture

Published 10 years ago by Philip | 3 responses

As an international network, Materia identifies trends and current needs in architecture and design. In these fields, there is a growing need for knowledge about smart materials. Already, intelligent surroundings are becoming an integral part ...

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Most waterproof material ever

Published 10 years ago by Philip | 9 responses

Scientists at MIT have created what they call the most waterproof material ever, based on lessons from nature. The surface consists of tiny ridges on top of a silicon surface, which makes water droplets bounce ...

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