The Pause is a metal cube holding suspended bricks

The pavilion Pause by architectural firm Ashari Architects responds to our hectic lives, in which we never stop to enjoy our surroundings. The installation consists of a large cube that holds a suspended brick volume, creating a sense of awe.

According to the architects, Pause embraces the “childish adventure feeling and inspirations that we have not experienced since childhood”, such as pausing to look up to the sky.

The large outer cube, covered with metal sheets, holds a volume of suspended bricks in a spiral shape. The cone-shaped construction dangles 80 centimetres (2.6 feet) above the ground so that people’s movements can be seen. While the roof of the outer cube is closed, the cone is open at the top so you can see the sky.

The brick installation closes you off to the world and invites to be touched, while your look is drawn up to see the sky above. Some of the bricks are partly covered by a mirror or light reflector, creating a playful light effect. The mirrors’ density on the inside increases as you move your eyes toward the upper part of the cone.

Watch the video below to see the design stages of the pavilion!

Photos: Ashari Architects