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Surfboards made with wool and bioresin

The New Zealand company Barron Surfboards has developed a new type of surfboard, made of bioresin and reinforced with wool.

Traditional foam surfboards are generally coated with resin and fibreglass for structural integrity. However, while fibreglass is a strong material, it is not recyclable.

Searching for a more sustainable alternative, Barron Surfboards collaborated with NZ Merino and Firewire Surfboards to develop a new wool cloth to replace traditional fibreglass.

Sheared wool is up to 7.5 cm (3 inches) thick, and consists of loose fibres. Barron developed a vacuum pressure technique that converts the material into a thin , mixed with bioresin. The process reduces CO2 emissions by 40 per cent and VOC emissions by half compared to traditional construction.

The company says that the new boards perform at least as well as traditional PU or Epoxy boards. The material, called Woolight, is also more flexible that fibreglass composites, reducing the vibrations of waves.

Last week, Barron Surfboards announced you can order a custom Woolight board.

Photos: Barron Surfboards