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Trend: ‘Materiality’ by Tom Dixon

One of the collections we are really looking forward to this season is ‘Materiality’ by British designer Tom Dixon. To be launched at Milan Design Week this spring, the Materiality Collection includes five different ranges, each highlighting the basic – or rather ‘raw’ – material used in its creation.

Tom Dixon explains: “Marble, wood and plastic, glass, iron, brass and copper are the basic building blocks that have defined our products from the outset. This year, we step back and look our biggest influence and an underpinning inspiration for what we do: our materials.”

Collection highlights include ‘Curved’, a geometric lamp made of a thin etched metal coated with nickel silver. Minute perforations within the thin metal allow for a glittering glow. Another lamp collection called ‘Fade’ makes use of polycarbonate materials, molded into teardrop form and while ‘Melt’ explores the aesthetic of mouth-blown glass in the form of both floor and table lamps. And in a departure, DIY furniture collection ‘Offcut’ confronts stereotypes that flat-pack design is cheap and disposable.

Of the focus on basic materials in this year’s collection, Dixon says: “Any designer worth their salt should be concerned by the choice of materials, but for us it is a veritable obsession” Indeed.