Wall of Fame

Material Xperience 2014, our large show in the Netherlands, was all about the ‘The Smart Environment’. From high-tech laboratory composites to great new uses for natural based materials, all the materials on show added some clever ideas to the field of materials for design.

We had some of the most popular materials currently in use at the show, arranged in a special Wall of Fame section. These were examined, photographed and talked about at Material Xperience. We’ve collected the materials here for your convenience. Also have a look at the materials in Material Xperience setting over on our Facebook page.

Here are the Wall of Fame materials:

Alusion, MET183

Aluminium foam panels, with an appearance like a metal sponge.

Ecosense Sea Line, PLA688

Sea-themed elements captured in translucent resin, for decorative purposes.

Garmento, ONA215

Panels made from 100% post consumer denim fabric, mixed with a PMDI resin.

Glass bricks, GLA093

Beautiful coloured glass bricks made with Venetian expertise.

Globo-X, GLA154

Glass balls supported by a solid medium. Panels can be used for interiors and exteriors.

Mycobond, ONA199

Completely biodegradable packaging made from mushroom spores and seed husks.

Newspaperwood, WOO222

Panels made from reclaimed newspapers, that are compressed back into wood.

Perltec Colibri, GLA216

A natural cotton material combined with high transparent glass for decorative purposes.

Soligem, PLA358

Coloured silicon gel material with bubbles, which can be curved into any shape.

Sunscreen tiles & bricks, CER072

Knitted, crocheted and lace bricks and tiles with a great open texture.


  1. Gabriela Telleria M. says:

    Geachte meneer/ mevrouw,
    Ik kan de foto’s bijna niet zien, er is een groene oppervlakte in alle foto’s.
    Het is mogelijk om die goed te kunnen bekijken?
    Al vast bedankt,
    Gabriela Telleria Dalhoeven