Liquid-repellent white dress shirts are stain-resistant

We all know how badly red wine and tomato juice can stain, but we also know how easy it is to spill something, especially when wearing white. The Dutch-Danish start-up Labfresh has created a solution so you never have to worry about those nasty stains again, while also saving you water. Their dress shirts block out all fluids and bacteria before they enter the fabric, making the material stain- and odour-resistant.

White dress shirts are notoriously hard to take care off as it seems as if they attract stains. Stains mean you have to wash them, and the more you wash the fabric, the less the quality becomes. White dress shirts, therefore, have a shorter life span than any other item in a man’s closet.

The dress shirts designed by Labfresh are made of OEKO-TEX certified cotton, which is treated with a special technology, making it water-repellent and anti-bacterial. The technology is applied even before the cotton is spun into yarn, which makes it invisible to the human eye. The technology causes liquids to slide right off. According to Labfresh, the material is still breathable and can be machine-washed, though that will be necessary less frequently.

As the video below shows, coloured liquids, even red wine and ketchup, are not absorbed by the cotton, but rather forms droplets on top. With water, the liquid can be washed off, while remain the material remains dry.

Labfresh currently sells cotton dress and casual shirts and silk/wool ties, which are also stain-resistant, as well as anti-bacterial socks.

Photos: Labfresh