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For Acosorb, acoustics is a craft. It is their passion to establish a new standard for seamless acoustic spray plastering and stucco which absorbs sound and reduces reverberation. Acosorb’s acoustic products are available in a vast range of colours, with a finish varying from smooth to coarse-grained. Their products are suitable for application on any surface and are low-maintenance with energy-saving properties. ‘It looks soft, but actually feels quite hard,’ is the sensory paradox that Acosorb’s products evoke. Acosorb greatly appreciate this widely heard compliment, as it endorses their expertise in the field. The recent innovation of their manufacturing process has also enabled them to offer finer spray plasterwork than might possible to acquire elsewhere.

Acosorb performs in-house manufacturing and supply, which enables them to vouch for the desired result on every project. Their working methods reflect both quality and respect for humankind and the environment. Acosorb vouches for trouble-free execution, thanks to experienced supervision and time-served contractors. Good acoustics is an important aspect of a room’s function. Acosorb is therefore an ideal partner in creating the envisaged experience of sound. Furthermore, their acoustic solutions are readily adaptable to the atmosphere and function of any design. Whether new-build or renovation, Acosorb offers outstanding acoustic performance for every budget.

Sustainable enterprise: efficiency and ambition

For Acosorb, sustainable working methods are synonymous with an approach which is firmly focused on the conscious use of  resources, working as efficiently as possible and endeavoring to make continuous improvements. Acosorb is accustomed to applying the process of Lean Construction. They believe that the future lies in sustainable building and that sustainable enterprise is a vital precondition governing one’s ability to grasp the market opportunities available.

Improved acoustics and energy performance

The absorbent and insulating properties of Acosorb’s acoustic spray plastering and stucco prevent the leakage of energy to other parts of a building. Savings of between 5% and 10% are no exception in this regard. Acosorb can contribute significantly to the energy performance of buildings and therefore to their certification in accordance with the Bream standards.

In-house manufacturing: safe and sustainable

Acosorb’s clients increasingly call for sustainable products. The fact that they perform in-house manufacturing and supply of product lines enables them to maintain control of the entire process. Their products comprise of primarily recycled natural cellulose fibres. Acosorb also includes various additives, however, with a view to optimising both the life span and fire safety of the finished product. Furthermore, Acospray products are sprayed using a water-based polymer. Acosorb operates in compliance with all the applicable legislation and regulations in the area of product safety. For example, they have reduced the use of borates to an absolute minimum. This implies that the content in their products is well within the EU standard of 5%, which poses no threat whatsoever to the health of contractors and customers.