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American Supply Paris holds a range of more than 10,000 materials that are renowned for both their originality and their personality.

The company was created in 1948 from the visionary mind of a Frenchman living in New York, curious about material innovation since the mid-century, and is headquartered in Paris, France.

American Supply is internationally recognized for its CreativityTechnical Expertise and Global Logistics by some of the most demanding customers in the luxury sector.

American Supply is devoted to exploring new ways to individualize and push the potential of the materials that they develop. Their product range, outstanding creative team, and leading industrial partners give their clients endless creative possibilities.

As a result of more than sixty years of research and development, American Supply offers bi-annual Trend Collections, alongside their material library. Their core materials are broken down into the following categories: Applied -Laminated, Coated-Projected, Extruded-Calendered, Pressed-Cast, Relief-3D Effect and Woven-Braided.