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Amorim Benelux B.V. / Wicanders

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The Amorim group is one of the largest, entrepreneurial and dynamic multinational companies from Portugal. Everything began with the cork business when it established in 1870, after which it expanded into other areas. Amorim Revestimentos was founded in 1978 and is currently represented in more than 67 countries. A global leader in the production of cork flooring, Amorim places sustainability as a cornerstone for a better future, investing in research and the creation of solutions that ensure an enhanced quality of life for users without harming the environment.

The company’s profitable and sustained growth is founded on three main vectors:
– Products
– Clients
– Distribution channels

The company currently owns exclusive production technology and a multinational distribution network that enables it to understand and meet the needs of its clients. This strategic positioning, along with its promotion of the use of cork flooring and an active program to develop new solutions, has allowed the company to achieve success and enabled its products to penetrate deeply into the most demanding markets.

Amorim, the worldwide market leader of cork flooring, places nature on the starting point for a better future, investigating and creating flooring solutions that, without affecting the environment, ensures a higher quality of life. Being present in more than 70 countries, Amorim Revestimentos’ International flooring portfolio and brands, are known throughout the world as pioneers in creating top-quality, ground-breaking solutions.

Wicanders, Amorim’s premium brand, has been producing flooring since 1870, always inspired on nature’s most pure values and using avant-garde technologies to provide high quality, ecologic and stylish flooring.

Over the years, Wicanders has developed floor and wall coverings with exclusive properties due to its innovative Corktech technology. By using a unique engineered multilayer structure, which combines state-of-the-art technology with the exclusive natural properties of cork, a higher standard in flooring was achieved.

Wicanders flooring is unique in that it includes a layer of high-density cork that is comfortable under foot, retains heat, and reduces noise. The integrated cork underlay reinforces thermal and acoustic properties, resulting in a silent environment and important energy cost savings.

Wicanders’s current portfolio integrates various solutions, some of which have revolutionized the traditional concept of cork flooring. Amorim’s products are suitable for any part of a residential or commercial building, since they combine the raw material’s properties with other groundbreaking materials – made possible through digital printing technologies – while cork flooring can now also be made water resistant.

Cork is Nature
Cork is Sustainability
Cork is Innovation
Cork is Comfort