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MARECREO, The Craftsmanship of the sea.

“We collaborate with nature for a sustainable interior design.”

Aurore Piette Studio develops Sustainable Design inspired by Nature and Craft.

On the French Atlantic Coasts, unique maritime materials are created through natural sedimentary processes. However, because of human activities on the coastline, those raw materials are currently thrown away.

Here, Aurore Piette Studio proposes to revalue these sedimentary matter in Design field through Sustainable Making Processes. Thus, the Craftswoman of the sea, Aurore Piette develops neo Craft by coworking with her direct environment. From this unique collaboration results an atypical vision of material applicable to Interior Design with as tile and wall coatings, but also to Product Design with ceramic and furniture.

The aesthetic developed by Aurore Piette Studio is directly inspired by the coastline of the project based area: its topography and the intrinsic properties of its characteristic materials.