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BZW Holland is the Dutch partner of Gramitherm. Together they have the goal to enhance the use of CO2 neutral insulation in The Netherlands. GRAMITHERM® is a unique technology based on grass fibre. It is a revolutionary bio-sourced thermal insulating solution providing the best carbon footprint in its product category.

GRAMITHERM®, an exclusive globally patented Swiss technology, is a zero waste process with low grey energy, designed for circular economy and energy efficiency in the construction sector. According to a life cycle analysis made by the University of Zurich in 2015; “1kg of GRAMITHERM® absorbs 1.405kg of CO2”.

Unlimited renewable raw material
The family of grasses covers a quarter of all land on earth, meadows cover ~20% of the European territory. Grass appears to be one of the most abundant biomass resource while also being one of the most underutilized. Unlike hemp or flax, grass does not need dedicated farmland and presents lot of value opportunities. Its regeneration cycle only lasts a few weeks, which makes it a huge carbon trapper!

Competitive insulation features
GRAMITHERM® insulation batts are price competitive in the eco-green category. It’s value proposition: high thermal efficiency (λd=0.040 W/m. K) Lambda; top of the class sound absorption; fast to cut and install; no health risks and fully recyclable product; summer heat resistance : 11hrs (for a 200mm thickness product).

One of their most interesting features, is their exceptional ability to absorb moisture from the surrounding air and to release it when the ambient air becomes dry. It explains their perfect stability over time (50 years+).This property makes GRAMITHERM® one of the top performing insulators in subtropical regions where synthetic & mineral products are no more specified.

Multiple uses
GRAMITHERM® batts are used for roofs, floors, and walls insulation in both residential and commercial construction projects. GRAMITHERM® likes new construction as well as renovation, with special focus on wood frame houses.

Natural Insulation: a double digit growth market
The insulation materials market comprises of 50% mineral wools (glass + stone), 45% synthetic plastic foams, and 5% natural fibres. Within this 5% niche of “alternative” products, the European market today for flexible batts is 1,5M/m3/yr in volume or +/- EUR 100M/yr in sales. The natural fibre insulation market is growing at 10-15%pa on average in both Europe and North America.

GRAMITHERM® has a highly experienced management team that has developed a low cost, low capex, highly scalable business model that can support a rapid rollout of regional platforms in Southern, Northern, Western Europe and North America. The multi-regional platforms will enable GRAMITHERM® to source grass fibres locally, produce near its markets and reduce its distribution carbon footprint.