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A home or building is more than a roof over your head. You want to give your living or working environment its own identity — a character. A floor determines the atmosphere, especially a self-leveling floor from Caracterr. Can be made in numerous trendy colours, flat or rough, with or without decorations; the possibilities for personal styling are unprecedented. With Caracterr you can shape a space to your liking. The self-leveling floors are applied traditionally, are seamless and offer a 5-year warranty. They have a sustainable quality: the ability to lift a space and let it excel.

A self-leveling floor is not a ready-to-use product, certainly not a Caracterr self-leveling floor. It is ‘formed and made’ on the spot. Caracterr has clearly defined the steps in that traditional process. Their ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations in practice. Caracterr works exclusively with professional partners and experienced craftsmen who apply your self-leveling floor with care and dedication, so that it becomes and remains a foundation of well-being.