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Creative Cladding was founded in September 2009. Its mission is to fill the gap between cladding related materials and the applicants like architects, cladding contractors and general contractors.

It shows that there is a need for practical solutions to questions arising from design until including application, processing and installation, Creative Cladding has the practical experience enabling the implementation of your façade. The modern façade requires by the increasing standards and sustainability more and more integrated, creative solutions. That is why they are called ‘Creative Cladding’.

In order to fulfill the integrated solutions, Creative Cladding offers a wide range of products suitable for cladding: substructures, cladding made from extrusion profiles and composite panels. The portfolio is now completed by glass fibre reinforced concrete from their own production.

Creative Cladding is unique with its complete portfolio. The materials are complementary and enable the architect and constructor to do ‘one stop shopping’.

An integrated approach means higher quality and lower costs at the same time. Also the failure costs will be reduced by an integrated approach.

Creative Cladding can supply you the materials, process them to be ready for installation, but can also do the entire engineering such as elevation drawings, details, production and installation drawings. Also project management support can be provided.

All products supplied by Creative Cladding are amongst the top in their market. Quality and reliability to the highest standards. That also applies for the extensive warranties on the products, they go further than you might expect.

Creative Cladding uses as a symbol for the ultimate facade the igloo. This represents the ability to build with minimum resources in short time a complex façade. An igloo is made from snow only. That provides structural strength, insulation, is available on site and at the end of its lifespan can be completely recycled. And that all combined in a complex 3D shape. Maximum performance with minimum resources is the starting point Creative Cladding always follows. A good façade should also be affordable.