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Cubetti wants everyone to enjoy the small things in life. Beauty is everywhere, and nothing is more beautiful than nature itself. In nature, nothing is perfect, and everything is perfect. Nature’s beauty creates feelings of appreciation and gratitude.

Cubetti believes that time spent in nature is never wasted. In nature you witness countless miracles, with every step you take. However, in a world that seems to turn faster and faster, people spend less and less time outside. We want people to admire nature again.

Cubetti brings a touch of nature to your home or workspace. Their wooden mosaic wallcoverings make it possible to transform the look and feel of an entire space or interior. Cubetti’s products catch the eye and create environments that radiate calmness and harmony. No words can explain the beauty and simplicity of nature. But you can see and feel it in an instant.

Every piece of wood is a small miracle on its own. Cubetti offers 19 products, 4 different shapes, and 10 shades of nature. It is of the finest quality and easy-to-install.

Cubetti acts in ethical and ecologically responsible ways. The mosaics are made of one-hundred percent residual wood of the finest quality. Cubetti only collaborates with sawmills that work in a sustainable way and retain pure wood from their projects. This residual wood is used to create Cubetti’s mosaics and wall decorations. In this way, they ensure that residual wood is given a new purpose and that no wood is lost. Together with their sawmills, Cubetti guarantees that for every fallen tree, new trees are planted.

Cubetti wants people to admire nature again.