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Dungse is the result of a collaboration between Studio Lindey Cafsia and Studio Carbon. The Studios combine expertise among others in the areas of product design & development, material research, architecture and building technology, biomimicry, systems design and storytelling.

Dungse was born out of research to design new solutions for excessive dung produced by the cows from the Dutch Dairy Industry.

The vision of Dungse is to create a sustainable business around circular and biodegradable materials and offer their knowledge about design and materials to the market, while complying with Sustainable Development Goals.

Their approach is to combine modern design skills and material expertise with ancient and indigenous knowledge about cowdung in a new innovative material.

With their launching client Dungse is developing a couple of materials to fit in their production process and replace the original materials their manufacturing process was based on.

They are also working with a leading research institute in the Netherlands to explore and develop new possibilities for their materials while creating also new market possibilities.