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Fydro is specialized in the manufacture of glass fibre reinforced concrete products and supplies in various markets, such as architecture, interior design and civil engineering. With a skilled team and over 30 years of expertise, the company has grown to become the European market leader.

Fydro make façade cladding panels, kitchen worktops, stones for baking ovens, (river)bank protection and garden (border)systems.

Glass fibre concrete contains 100% raw material and is therefore recyclable. All characteristics of concrete are applicable, however extremely dense and light weight. Within the material are special alkali-resistant glass fibres. Also contained in the material are woven glass fibres, chopped glass fibre strands, and threads of glass fibres. These all give the material strength and thus enable very thin (13-30 mm) sheets.

All products are developed within the organization or in cooperation with their customers. Fydro produce our products on demand, which ensures that all their customers receive their own, unique, products.

Fydro machinery to produce the fiber concrete products are developed and built by our own experts. Their mold construction department builds molds to realize the dreams of architects by making a unique design. It is even possible to print on concrete. ‘Printing on concrete’ is one of the most viewed innovations during the Material Xperience in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

These products are exported all over the world.