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Holland Laminati has been a reliable supplier of panels for more than twenty years. For both constructive and decorative sheet material our company is the place to be. With professional transport we deliver our panel materials and accessories to interior builders, furniture makers, carpentry companies and the industry throughout the Netherlands.

Holland Laminati has been active as a distributor and stockholder of Arpa Industriale products for more than 20 years. Based on this long tradition as an Arpa Dealer, the unique high-end FENIX® panels have also been offered by Holland Laminati in the Netherlands for several years.

Recently Holland Laminati became stockholder of 2 contemporary collections of decorative melamine panels: namely the One World Collection of SWISSKRONO from Switzerland and the Sm’Art collection of high-end decorative panels and HPLs from Italy. These unique panels are based on matte lifelike decors with very deep structures and are almost impossible to distinguish from real wood panels. Ideal for a qualitative and creative solution for our customers in kitchen and interior design.

HL Collections
In addition to distributing a number of A-brands, with Holland Laminati we also launch a number of our own collections to offer to our customers:

  • HL Corpus (basic collection of melaminated chipboard for the better corpus)
  • HL Global Exterior (universal compact board for exterior use)
  • HL Global Interior (basic collection of HPLs)
  • HL Pan (decorative melamine faced panels in stock with matching HPLs and ABS edging)
  • HL Top (contemporary collection of worktops and countertops in standard sizes and made-to-measure)

Custom work
Holland Laminati can supply ‘custom panels’ from Forma ( in a very creative way. This saves our professional customers a great deal of work and, moreover, can often mean significant added value for our customers.

Veneer and Veneered Panels
Holland Laminati is also the distributor and agent in the Netherlands for veneered panels from the veneer factory Placabois in Belgium:

Through this collaboration, Holland Laminati offers a standard stock program of veneered panels from Ravenstein.

Moreover, Holland Laminati can also respond quickly and flexibly to customer requirements. This is done by assembling the veneered panels directly at the factory according to the wishes of the end customer: the wood selection, the jointing method, the choice of carrier, the format and the finish of the veneered panel can be determined in consultation with the customer.