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As a producer and distributor of thresholds, window sills and wall covering elements made of composite stone, Holonite has occupied a leading position in the construction and window frame industry since 1969. It provides products for the Dutch, Belgian and German new-build and renovation market, with standard and customised façade and finishing elements. Holonite deals with everyone from architects to contractors and cooperative housing associations to private individuals on an indirect level. The company is focusing on the window frame industry (aluminium, plastic and wood) with its range of low-relief thresholds.

In addition to being a producer of standard building components for regular construction, it frequently serves as an expert partner and advisory coordinator on projects. They produce custom-made contemporary façade elements, in order to give every building its own identity while working in cooperation with their target groups.

Holonite products are sustainable and Cradle-to-Cradle certified. Holonite has the aspirations to continue to develop and improve as far as corporate social responsibility is concerned. Sustainability is the underlying factor that drives our organisation forward.

Holonite serves the Dutch, Belgian, English and German construction and renovation market and only supplies the following countries: the Netherlands (NL), Belgium (BE), Luxemburg (LU), Germany (DE) and Great-Britain (GB).