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Sustainability by Architecture

The choice for steel is an excellent one when working on sustainable and exciting architecture. Jansenbyods accompanies architects and investors on their search for the best project solution. Jansenbyods is known by many architects as a supplier of very elegant steel and durable façades. You might know the new Depot by MVRDV in Rotterdam.

The reuse potential of steel is one of its biggest advantages for the circular economy. Exactly that aspect we are incorporating in our business. Don’t recycle when you can go for reuse. Jansenbyods has formed a partner network around this idea. Architects, builders, maintenance and Harvest, all in one, as a service they call Harvest Bay.

The headquarters in Barendrecht and the Antwerp-based branch combine all the market knowledge you need when it comes to roof and façade technology. All that knowledge as well as many years of experience are at your disposal.