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Nishijin Textile is a traditional Japanese weaving technique born in Kyoto more than 1200 years ago, recognised as one of the best by the Imperial Court due to its preciseness and high quality. Passed down from generations as a high-grade representative technique of Japanese craft, precious threads are dyed before being woven in order to implement several designs into the fabric.

The weaving process is very rigorous, from planning to designing, as well as yarn dyeing, rolling, warping, heddling, and processing gold and silver threads. A precise process for a unique fabric. The KYOGO brand was launched in 2017 by the Kaji Nishijin Textile Manufacture, established in Kyoto for more than 150 years. Specialised in the weaving of Buddhist monks’ costumes and decorative fabrics for the most influent temples in Japan, silk threads are specifically woven with gold and silver threads to recreate extremely delicate and precise designs.

To develop further its legacy, KYOGO’s unique technique was created through the mastery of the ancestral Nishijin Textile technique, resulting in the creation of genuine and innovative interior fabrics.