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Kayden Stone is a new supplier when it comes to slabs and tiles, however, they are no stranger on this market. With more than 25 years of experience in the natural stones and ceramics industry, they know how to produce the most beautiful materials for you.

Kayden Stone was founded in 2019. With their worldwide contacts with quarries, wholesalers and block dealers, they can always have the best assortment for you. For the Benelux, they have opened a depot in Bladel.

Kayden is not just a “depot”. In Bladel you will find the “Stone Experience Center”. An Experience Center where you can find the most beautiful materials. Shown in full slabs, but later in 2020 also shown in their library with samples of all possible materials. This will give you the opportunity to make the best mix of materials for your project.

Materials that you can order are:
Granite, Marble, Quartzite, Slate, Limestone, Belgian Hardstone, Lumina Stone Quartz composite, Ultra Thin Panel, Semi precious stones and Mineral Stone (Idylium).

One of the main products is Idylium. Not just a ceramic, but a sintered stone called mineral stone.

Idlylium is a hyper material that exceeds the imagination and goes beyond all horizons. Taking inspiration from nature, they reinvent it by studying its mechanics, also the most complex, making it possible to create unequalled design objects with superior technical characteristics, simply irresistible.