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Wood is alive, but doesn’t live forever. Fortunately, Leegwater has managed to convert this downside of wood into an upside. For about 70 years, Leegwater has managed to keep wood’s natural enemies at bay in a sustainable way through preservation, drying and coating, and making wood fire-resistant. It’s a good idea, therefore, to have a good chat with Leegwater about the possibilities of building safely, attractively and sustainably in wood before you start designing, building or finishing your wood project.

Leegwater has an eye for sustainability
Professional preservation of wood and wood products requires an eye for the natural properties of wood, as well as an eye for your wishes and where the wood will be used. Last but not least, it requires an eye for the requirements set out in the European Construction Product Regulations and environmental regulations. Leegwater has been a leader in wood preservation for about 70 years, and continues to do everything possible to assure its place at the top. That’s proven by Leegwater’s compliance with certification and quality marks such as CE, FSC®, PEFC and KOMO, which reflect the commitment to quality, fire safety and sustainable construction.

Leegwater offers the convenience of a one-stop-shop
Preservation, drying, processing, coating, and making wood fire-resistant. All Leegwater’s wood treatments, finishing and processing activities are carried out in-house, with every imaginable wood species. Leegwater’s team of about fifty professionals is capable of carrying out any job, whether it involves a few dozen or hundreds of kilometres of wood. Leegwater also has its own drying kilns, impregnation plants and paint lines. The colour laboratory, where every conceivable colour can be created, is unique. Samples are gladly supplied, both as proof of expertise and so you can see, feel and perceive for yourself what craftsmanship in preservation looks like in real life. Leegwater is your guarantee for cooperation and service, from idea to completion – from your first sketch to transport to the construction site. In fact, things can be taken a step further, and your project can be completely supervised up to the insertion of the very last screw or nail. That’s the kind of convenience a one-stop-shop can offer. That is the convenience of Leegwater.