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Mogu is a design company that manufactures sustainable and innovative products with a strong aesthetic value and advanced performances. Starting from residues materials and by-products of other industrial processes, it offers today the first products based on mycelium available on the market, dedicated to interior design and architecture applications. These are cutting-edge products that can compete with conventional solutions, to foster a more sustainable approach to architecture. Products from Nature and for Nature.

Mogu practices and processes are steadily founded on Circular Economy principles. As part of these, they process industrial waste materials such as cotton and hemp fibres that cannot find other valuable applications in textile production processes. Their daily goal, from R&D activities till manufacturing, is to convert such raw materials and valorise them into high performance products. Mogu offers functional, beautiful and meaningful products with a durable and sustainable life cycle. They thrive to do this through industrial processes that have the lowest possible environmental impact.

The cutting-edge technologies allow for the creation of visionary solutions, defining entirely new categories of products, which derive from environmentally responsible processes rooted in mycelium (the vegetative part of a fungi) technology and fermentation. Mogu employs a vast variety of nutrient-rich, low-value fibres from different industries (agro, textile, etc.) and we transform them through proprietary technologies based on fungal fermentation, as in a fully circular approach. While colonising and partly digesting such the low-value fibres, the mycelium acts as reinforcement to the matrix structure, resulting in natural composite materials with excellent technical properties, for use in multiple fields and for multiple applications.