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Garden furniture of design brand Net-Echt seem to be made of concrete, but combines lightweight and strong endurance functionalities, as well as sustainability in an innovative way.

The complete Net-Echt collection with its versatile material is designed for indoor use as well as outdoor. The concrete looking benches and tables of Net-Echt make space planning in- and outdoor easy with the use of strong, but lightweight materials and its timeless designs. ‘Enjoyment and love for life without compromising’ are key principles in the Net-Echt design philosophy.

The unique take on minimalistic shaped furniture still fills up an entire interior as a result, therefore making it a perfect alternative for real concrete. The handcrafted process, without the use of a mold, contributes highly to the real concrete appearance. As a result suitably creating the only visual and attractive resemblance to concrete; peaceful, natural and timeless!

A comfort lifestyle
The Net-Echt collection with its concrete look achieves the perfect balance between classic comfort, modern flair, and functionality; all furniture is most easy to clean. Practicality also reigns supreme; all pieces can be moved and placed around quick and effortless. Due to its sustainable material, a Net-Echt table can be left in the sea for 25 years and nature’s elements still wouldn’t affect its appearance or state, making it also a long-lasting product.

Net-Echt concrete
What makes furniture of Net-Echt be lightweight and still possess the appearance of concrete? The ‘concrete’ material is a glass fibre reinforced polymer composite. This material is not capillary, which means no moisture or dirt can penetrate into the pieces and sets. Over the years several iterations in the composite have been made to optimize constructions and therefore providing maximum design freedom. For example tables with a length of 5 metres without extra visible support are a non-design issue for Net-Echt. Due to the handcrafted finish, the Net-Echt furniture furthermore becomes it’s unique, clean and natural design of real concrete.

Visit the showroom
Come and see the Net-Echt garden sets, and tables on the website or in the inspiring showroom in Culemborg. Net-Echt also designs and develop exclusive custom-made concrete looking indoor furniture for private purposes, retail, catering or business industries.