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Planq is a Dutch sustainability partner & furniture brand. They believe they can inspire the world by making beautiful designs from waste materials. By transforming low-valued waste materials into high-end products, Planq wansts to bridge the gap between contemporary design and environmental consciousness. For example, they transform textile waste and biobased raw materials, such as flax and jute, into a self-developed veneer called PlanqTextile. An innovative material that lends itself perfectly to the furniture collection. For example, Planq uses old jeans, army clothing, work suits and coffee bags for the seats of the chairs, for the table tops and as a veneer for the Cubics cabinets. Also, they love to design new products with old clothing of their future customers.

After a long development with the best partners, Planq has created a process to shred 6250 jeans into fibers, which are carded into a felt. The felt material is then pressed with a biodegradable binder into a veneer and into form parts like chair seats.

The Scandinavian-inspired Unusual Chair, for example, consists of exactly 12 pairs of jeans, saving 16275 liters of water at the same time. In combination with solid oak or walnut wood, this chair is the equivalent of the normal bucket seat. But then made with products with a past for a better future.