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VanHier is a new biocircular brand, an initiative of Regeneration Design. With biocircular design VanHier contributes to climate- and nature restoration, they give value to organic residual flows and they want to change the disposable culture.

VanHier develops and makes biocircular design products by using ecological materials made from natural raw materials and natural fibers that are fully recyclable. Renewable raw materials and organic waste streams (biomass) will be used for building materials, packaging or consumers products to become 100% circular, in addition to waste reduction and reuse.

With appealing and customized design, design with a local identity, VanHier tells the story of the circular and biobased economy to the consumer: “buy consciously, support and visit local makers and care about the products and (raw) materials you buy”.

VanHier designs products because they want to change a linear economy into a biocircular economy.