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REMEANT® is a fascinating material made from single use plastic. Based on innovative technology that textiles from non-recycled and unconventional materials. Soft plastic such as bubble wrap and aluminum converted into high-quality colourful vegan leather textiles.

Elinor and Alon Nathaniel are the husband-and-wife team who founded REMEANT based on their love of nature. Specifically, while hiking, they were saddened to see litter lying discarded on the ground. Aiming to ensure a better future for themselves and their children, they got creative and came up with the perfect solution for single use plastic – upcycling! Those (usually) unusable plastic materials are now being repurposed into fabulous textiles that can be used in sustainable vegan home decor and interiors, shoes, bags, clothing and much more. Finally, the life of single-use plastic no longer ends in the trash and eliminates huge amounts of green gas emissions.

REMEANT creates high quality raw materials that are available in a diverse range of shades, colors and textures. Each textile is one-of-a-kind and original. REMEANT’s patented process of manufacturing ensures its qualities, making it highly durable, waterproof, easy to clean, washable & lightweight. REMEANT introduces you to the innovative textile materials that combines the world of fashion & design with our passion for environmental care.

Their vision is to create a world in which any non-organic waste can be reused. They believe that consumers and designer awareness can drastically reduce waste. New materials are the engine to our growth, with them they create valuable and fascinating fashion. They strive to make a difference. Join them.