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In the 21st century of cradle to cradle, RTS-Preidel was established alongside Preidel engraving laser and injection molding industry. Their goal is to decorate and personalize in the widest possible spectrum.

RTS is a company that offers sustainable full colour solutions on various materials and solutions for inside and outside applications.

The company distincts itself in 3 key points.

  1. Full color on various materials with an outdoor warranty 15 years. The expectation pattern is obviously higher. The colour spectrum is almost infinite in both RAL and PMS format. Delivery of small runs are also possible.
  2. Depending on the material we can also decorate / personalize your own material.
  3. RTS-Preidel offers solutions in various materials, not only in flat but also in curved and 2- and 3D shapes.

RTS transforms your graphic idea into physical and sustainable products. The applications and possibilities in several materials as aluminum, HPL, glass, veneer, felt, solid surface can be found in the subpages.