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Studio Solarix makes Solar Design for facades. The built environment causes 36% of all CO2 emissions. Through innovative solar facades Studio Solarix contributes to the development of smart cities where buildings generate more energy than they use, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

In their new generation of facade panels, they link solar energy to beauty in the built environment. They call this Solar Design. Studio Solarix want to give energy to people and facades. In their studio they design, realize high-quality sustainable projects and develop their own colour collections for their panels, which provide optimal colour and energy.

Studio Solarix is working on future-oriented solutions that are now applicable. Their energy-generating facade panels are fully integrated into the appearance of smart buildings. In addition to a façade that supplies energy, they can use LEDs and sensors to make SMART façades that respond to weather conditions or people walking by. An active solar facade with a combination of beauty and brains. Studio Solarix offers the contemporary answer to smart cities and the energy transition.

Collection Solar Design panels
Studio Solarix works on innovative developments for the colouring of energy-generating facade panels, paying a lot of attention to the correct structure and materialization of the colours in combination with high energy yields. Due to a matt appearance in the high-quality ceramic colouring technique in Solarix Colours, they ensure that the colours of their facade panels combine well with other materials in the construction, such as stone, composite wood or aluminum due to the matt appearance.

Dot is the first collection in Solarix Colours, an extensive selection of solar façade panels in which colour and depth perception are the starting point. In their quest for a vibrant colour experience, the Studio Solarix design team was inspired by the structure of textiles in which different shades, colours and yarns are combined for depth perception.

The Dot collection gives Solar Design facades a tactile and lively colour experience, both from far away and up close.