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A family business with a rich tradition and a focus on the future, SVK has more than 110 years of experience as producer and distributor of building materials. Thanks to that experience, the company adapts to the constant evolutions within the building sector.

With a site of 140 acres in Sint-Niklaas, SVK still has their own large production department, guaranteeing products of European top quality.

SVK’s specialty is producing fibre cement, a material that consists of strengthening fibres, aggregates, cement and water. Fibre cement can be used for both roof and façade applications, from agricultural applications combined with corrugated sheets to unique design projects using slates and façade panels.

Innovation and creation
Through constant production development, SVK tries to create new and unique façade panels. This way, each façade has their own unique look. Aside from that, ecology is becoming more and more important in the building sector. Through SVK’s Solar Panel film, they try to satisfy these important demands.

Fibre cement façade panels
Fibre cement façade panels offer many shape possibilities. For each project, different shapes and sizes are available. With SVK façade panels, creativity knows no boundaries!

Combining materials
Dare to combine materials! Façade panels, slates, façade stones or wood can excellently be combined in one project. By placing the materials next to each other and judging their qualities, you can choose the right ones for your project.

With grey, black and white, you can never go wrong, but by combining colours, you can create unique combinations. By placing colours next to each other and making unique combinations, you can make the difference in your project.

Choosing the right colours can be harder than expected. Look around to the colours in the street. These will show you which colours would look well in the environment.

New or old building
Whether they are new buildings or renovated buildings doesn’t matter. In renovation, façade panels have the advantage that thanks to the thin thickness of the panels, thicker layers of insulation can be applied. Façade panels also match with the existing materials in a building. In new buildings, the possibilities are endless.

Ventilated façade
It is important to choose a ventilated façade system when using fibre cement façade panels. The façade panel offers protection for the insulation and façade structure, giving the building some room to breathe.

Ventilated façades with fibre cement façade panels by SVK offer 3 advantages, thanks to minimal weight, maximal protections and optimal living comfort.