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Taki Okami Ltd preserves the unique heritage of authentic Japanese wallpaper gilding techniques. Thanks to unsurpassed handicraft skills they enhance the world’s finest interior design projects with the supply of genuine metal leaf wallpapers for more than a century.

A saga full of ancient tradition with roots that go back to the 15th century, when craftsmen from the Japanese city of Kanazawa, in the former Kaga region, hammered precious metals into ultra-thin sheets. Ever since, many different alloys have been employed, from genuine gold 22ct, silver, brass, tin, aluminum, palladium to platinum; the extraordinary ingredients for all of their wallpapers.

The metallic leaf wallpaper manufacturing process complies with the very definition of uniqueness; prodigiousness concentration and peculiar techniques needed during the delicate application of the ultra-thin metal leaves on the washi paper backing; to create astonishing designs and to keep its unique characteristics last over time.

Each of Taki Okami’s collections is an expression of brilliance and elegance: every single precious metal leaf is manually manipulated to obtain a peculiar style; from traditional Japanese screens to contemporary seamless sheets. The papers are embellished by over 250 made-to-order combinations of veneers and finishing; smooth patina, first-rate silks, wood and many more besides.

Taki Okami has an extensive sample library which represents all wallpapers that to make the light reflect beautifully. They are pleased to receive commissions for the development of bespoke wallpaper materials. Taki Okami is used to serve interior designers and visual merchandisers involved with ultra-luxury projects. They create distinction by personalising each paper, blending a variety of alloys, finishes and designs, adding value to outstanding projects

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