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For over 150 years, Van Heek Textiles has been active as an industrial supplier of exclusive woven and knitted fabrics for the worldwide market. The entire weaving, knitting, upgrading and finishing process takes place in their own factory in the Netherlands.

This enables them to cooperate with their customers and adapt quickly. Important aspects such as quality, quality control and environmentally-friendly production are the top priority.

Van Heek Textiles is FSC certified.

Van Heek Textiles focuses on several product market combinations. They produce and sell textile cover materials for books and luxury packaging on a global scale. They also produce technical textile for various industries like base material for tape. Insect repellent mesh fabric is produced in-house and Poll-Tex is a patented product that prevents the access of airborne pollens. They also supply a complete range of transparent and blackout window decoration products. In addition, Van Heek can supply a variety of canvases suitable for digital printing.

The possibilities are limitless. There are materials that can be printed in offset and screen and of course beautiful results can also be achieved with blind-, relief- and hot foil printing. However, time does not stand still and nowadays the materials from Van Heek Textiles can also be personalised and decorated beautifully with digital printing techniques like latex-, toner- en UV-inks.

Together with their customers, the technology innovation driven company seeks new opportunities for new products and innovative applications on a daily basis. In so doing, Van Heek closely follows the latest marketing trends.

Van Heek Textiles wants to be known as a reliable, service-oriented manufacturer of semi-finished technical textile products with the fastest possible delivery time, consistent high quality and a high delivery reliability.

Van Heek Textiles see themselves as a flexible, quality conscious organisation with more than 150 years of experience in marketing industrial woven and knitted fabrics for a broad range of applications on a global scale.