Materia Exhibition: Luxurious Materials

The crisis is over, so with this new exhibition we want to unpack, celebrate the extras and enjoy the comfort and glamour. Discover the softest velvets and felts, impressively shiny gold leather and shimmering reflective surfaces. The value of these surfaces is both objective and subjective. The value of a luxury material may come because the material is scarce and difficult to obtain, or because it took many hours of work and effort to create. In some cases, A luxury material may be entirely one of a kind, used by a style icon, have a special story or have been created by an innovative new machine or process.

Luxurious Sub-themes:

1. Glitter & Glamour (gold tiles, velvet, pearl, Swarovski stones…)
2. Deluxe naturals (carvings, embossed leather, transparent veneers, rose petal inlay…)
3. High-tech luxury (3d printed, veneered, milled, cast, flower prints in concrete…)
4. Unique luxury materials with a special history or origin (artfully edited petrified wood, pieces of the Berlin Wall…)

1. Exhibition: October 1, 2016 to January 1, 2017
2. Materia Cafe: Thursday, December 15 (including year-end drinks with Broeinest and Materia)

You can find a map with directions to the Broeinest location at Strijp-S here.

We hope to see you in Eindhoven!