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Earthkweek developed a green roof system based on the expanded cork of Pro Suber. In this way they help to reduce the city’s temperature and temper the effect of heavy short term rainfall. By using the cork based system there will be a cooling effect in the summer and an extra layer with insulation capacity that would lower the heating costs in winter. The cork modules are grown in a various selection of thickness and choice of plants; like different sorts of sedum but also flower and herbs modules that will provide a natural habitat for bees, butterflies and other insects which will attract more birds. The cork used for these modules is 100% biobased and from a renewable source; the cork oak (quercus suber). Furthermore the modules are filled with both circular substrate and capillary mat of used clothing. The foil used under the modules is Biobased and instead of pebbles around the green roof borders there was chosen to work with natural dried ‘Peach-stones’. All plants are grown and nurtured on the farm without the use of chemical-products, and mainly native plants are used to help and support the local flora and fauna. In conclusion this cork based living roof can truly be called “a real green roof”. More info on

Kurkasa selected together with Pro Suber the right quality of expanded cork to function as a material that is ideal for making beautiful, sustainable and ecological products. The cork module series is developed to create the outdoors, indoors with nine different modules as well as different additional elements. More info on

Additional to the ‘Cork façade’ there are 6 new designs to realize 3D wall claddings for interior and exterior use. Perfect in combination with green-walls to create a unique atmosphere within your project. These new wall decorations are offered by Mutrex | The Cork Company. More info on

All the mentioned cork products consists of expanded cork, an excellent insulating material and 100% natural. The material is made by heating the cork granulate, which pops like popcorn, releasing a resin (suberin) that binds the granulate naturally. Learn more about the 100% biobased cork and how you can apply it into your project by contacting Pro Suber. More info on

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