100% Woolfelt


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Hip, durable and good acoustic value. You will find it all in Lampe Eurofelt’s 100% wool felt! Wool felt has been used for centuries and is made from pure new wool, making it 100% natural and sustainable. In addition, it is moisture and dirt resistant and does not burn. The wool felt is available in approx. 70 colours.

100% wool felt is currently widely used as an interior application where acoustics are important. The degree of absorption depends on the thickness and the surface of the felt. It is also possible to work with an acoustic filling.

The great thing about wool felt is that it can be used in many different interiors due to the variety of colours. It can be stretched as a tight surface for a sleek, modern look. If you hang it as a loose curtain in the middle of the room or against the wall, you have a much softer appearance that gives warmth to the interior.

Within Lampe Eurofelt’s own confection they have many options for manufacturing wool felt according to your design. Not only can they cut the felt to the desired size and shape, they can also manufacture the felt into an end product. Such as curtains, wall panels, acoustically hanging shapes, cushions, bags, covers and baffles.

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